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  • 01. 2019
    Paone chosen in The Print Center
    93rd International Competition,
    one of the most prestigious
    competitions in the United States.
    Esteemed jurors José Diaz, The Andy
    Warhol Museum and Lisa Sutcliffe,
    Milwaukee Art Museum, selected
    10 finalists and 25 semifinalists from
    nearly 500 international entries.

  • Esteemed jurors Diaz and Sutcliffe
    reviewed over 2,200 images
    submitted by 456 artists. Submissions
    were received from 44 states and 32
    countries worldwide.
    The online exhibition can be found at

  • 09. 2018
    Fleisher Art Memorial Exhibition :
    papo letterpress’ “typefaced”
    debut in Philadelphia art scene
    helps raise $50,000 to support
    access to the arts for more than
    20,000 children and adults
    from throughout Philadelphia.

  • 07. 2018
    papo letterpress returns from
    to report success
    on the debut of typefaced !
    A presentation to native-speaking
    Japanese children launched the
    first experiments exploring its
    visual language and confirming
    the universality and depth
    of its influence.

  • During the presentation in Kamakura,
    Paone listens intently as the children
    describe what they see: “sah-roo”
    in Japanese, meaning monkey.
    “Face of king” was also identified
    as additional typefaced prints were
    gifted to the young students.
    In return, Paone was presented
    with dozens of handmade origami
    animal figures.

  • 07. 2018
    papo letterpress declares
    September 2018
    International Letterpress Month.
    This 09.18 celebrates 0.918 — and
    the birthday of papo letterpress
    founder, Gregory Paone. Stay tuned
    for pop-up events including a debut
    typefaced exhibition in our studio;
    Philadelphia, Rittenhouse Square.

  • 06. 2018
    papo letterpress travels to Japan
    for the month of June !
    typefaced will make its debut in
    Asia by presenting to native-speaking
    Japanese children — launching its
    first experiments exploring the
    universality of its picture language
    and the depth of its influence.

  • 06. 2018
    papo letterpress is published
    in a new book by Timothy Samara !
    “Letterforms: Typeface Design
    from Past to Future”
    rare foundry-cast and hand-carved
    wood types from the collection of
    papo letterpress. We are honoured by
    the inclusion in this internationally
    distributed hardbound volume.

  • 06. 2018
    papo letterpress releases initial
    social media campaign !
    Our planned expansion includes
    facebook, instagram, pinterest,
    linkedin and youtube.
    Please visit the sites: Enjoy + share.

  • 06. 2018
    papo letterpress launches
    website version 1.0 !
    We are thrilled to announce our
    launch of the new papo letterpress
    website. Please stay tuned for regular
    updates of exciting content
    throughout the summer. We look
    forward to your thoughts and hope
    you enjoy the read.