communion is a proprietary initiative of papo letterpress. Its interests address the expressive typographic commemoration of life events. Perhaps certain moments require a greater degree of celebration, therefore this portfolio endeavors to cherish these resonant experiences through a form of typographic jubilation and ceremony.

  • Twins in the womb; inverted. As the double numeral “one” reveals, now 11 years from birth date; color represents provenance and ethnicity. Composed in rare, vintage wood types and printed at full press sheet size of 13 x 20 inches on Serio, Ultra Black 200 g/m paperstock.

  • “Oh, you are so wonderful,
    I wish I could double you.”
    A Mother’s Day poem composed by Paone for his wife, and codified in bright yellow pays homage to the super-human in all mothers. Printed at full press sheet size of 13 x 20 inches on Cranes Lettra, Pearl White, 110 lb. cover stock.

  • “dearest emmie, be my honey forever”
    codified by Paone in multiple one- and two-color letterpress prints on various paperstocks, combining metal and wood types — Saint Valentine’s Day 2015.

  • On the occasion of his nephew’s Ninth Birthday, Paone offers the sentiment of another “99 more!” birthdays in good health of body and mind. Enormous eleven inch wooden “9” and “T” set the stage, incorporating a first name initial with the birth year. A three color split-fountain results as the final print.

  • The first print composed by Gregory Paone at papo letterpress — an expression of eternal love for his wife — Saint Valentine’s Day 2014.
    Composed in rare, vintage types and printed on Fabriano 240 g/m paperstock.